Important Tips for Foolproof Drywall Finishing

Whether working on drywall finishing for a ceiling after removing popcorn texture or a wall that needed a replacement sheet, it is important that the job be done correctly. Obviously, drywall for ceilings and walls is not visible once it has been covered with texture, paint, or wallpaper but it serves a very important role of being the ceiling or wall structure. Therefore, you want to make sure installation or patching is done to enhance the stability of the drywall.

Tip 1

Although it usually requires a little practice and patience to get the Kings Drywall job done right, this type of project is one that anyone could complete. Keep in mind that no matter the different techniques being considered, the key to the project being done right has to do with good eye/hand coordination. To help get the hang of finishing drywall, you might consider purchasing a small sheet and actually practice before working on the real ceiling or wall drywall sheet. That way, when ready to start the actual project you would feel confident.

Tip 2

Before you start patching or installing new drywall to finish, make sure the surface is prepped and secure. For instance, installation of a new ceiling would require you to choose the right drywall ceiling texture. Once you have the materials of choice, make sure the drywall panels are securely in place. For this, each panel would need to be securely screwed into the ceiling joists or wall studs. In addition, screws would need to be placed every 16 inches for walls, and 12 inches for the ceiling.

Tip 3

For the mud that would be applied to the seams or used to fix a damaged section of the ceiling or wall drywall, make sure the product is of the right consistency and void of any lumps. Unfortunately, any small lumps would likely result in air bubbles that would cause problems. As for the mud product, the easiest option would be to use pre-mixed mud, which would be poured into a bucket and water added to create consistency that resembles icing for cake.

Tip 4

Finally, for drywall finishing, you would need to decide if the seams would be covered with mesh or paper tape. There is no wrong or right choice for the installation of drywall panels for the ceiling or wall, more personal preference. However, most experts recommend that mesh be used for tapered seams. Then, to make this process easy and convenient, bend a regular coat hanger on which the tape would be hung so the tape is easy to reach but without becoming tangled.